Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Amazing!!

Amazing Grace. How easily spoken - Do we still understand what is wrapped up in that simple phrase? Do you need to have it's impact renewed for you today?

Watch this video clip. (Il Divo singing Amazing Grace) All I can say is WOW! We are so BLESSED. Our God is truly amazing.

After watching this clip for a few times, I suddenly saw something deeper. They are singing "Amazing Grace" in the Coliseum - a place where so many Christians faced death because of their faith in God. They would rather die than deny Him - and they were martyred. It was a place that represented death and suffering, and displayed the depths of the evil men can imagine and carry out.

BUT GOD can redeem. He can bring beauty out of ashes. He can take the "ruins" of our lives and, through HIS GRACE, raise up hope and a future we could not imagine was possible. He did for John Newton (the author of the song) and He can for you.

Whether we have committed great evil or just ignored God, we are captured by His "Amazing Grace" towards each of us as He calls us home. He is our God and we are His Beloved. Amazing!!

Selah Y