Saturday, December 6, 2008


Who can fathom the mysteries of Heaven? There is so much that God has planned for us that we are totally unaware of. He sees our circumstances from an entirely different point of view. We will never fully understand until we are with Him and He shows us the other side of them.

We see the black storm clouds, but God sees an opportunity to stretch and deepen our faith. Remember, we are never alone in the storm, because He has promised to be with us always – He will never forsake us. When we successfully persevere through our earthly trials, we are refining our character, developing inner strength, winning spiritual victories, and sometimes even gaining heavenly rewards.

Trust HIM in every circumstance – no matter what it is. Seek Him for direction and wisdom. He knows the path you should take. Stay above the waves and CELEBRATE His goodness in the midst of the storms. He is our God – He will see us through.

This is such an awesome photo. I see this little girl completely focused on her flowers. WE can SEE the waves, the black clouds, even the wind blowing against her. BUT behind her is the staircase - the access the heaven (and God). She is not focused on the storm. She knows she is safe. She is not isolated or forsaken, she can – at any moment - turn around and run into His arms. She is secure under HIS protection. (and so are we!!)

Selah Y


Maureen said...

Sometimes we can't see the "son" through the dark clouds of the storm that surrounds us but He is there and I think that is because sometimes through fear we try to look harder through our eyes for answeres.I have discovered once again that it is our hearts that should be seeking the SON
I love His gentle reminders of stop looking but seek the calmness amidst the waves of life.
He is our life jacket

Jen said...

"Stay above the waves and CELEBRATE His goodness in the midst of the storms. He is our God – He will see us through."
I love this reminder Cheryl...God is truly Faithful, it's just that we sometimes can't see that in our personal situations until we are able to look back.
It's my ability to look back and see how very faithful He has always been that helps me to know that He is equally faithful in a present circumstance.

Nana Cheryl said...

HE becomes our security and He GIVES us peace in the storms. His FAITHFULNESS is proven to us over and over and over again. We don't have to struggle to believe it is true - we KNOW it is true by His Faithfulness to us. ♥

He is our Saviour - He won't allow us to be overtaken by the waves and be drowned. A "life jacket" keeps us ABOVE the waves. Our confidence is IN HIM. ♥