Monday, December 15, 2008

How Many Days Until Christmas?

What's that you say? Only 10 days until Christmas!! Where did December go? My newest quote is: "Tis the season to be busier than ever!!"

In the flurry of all the activity around you, remember the "Reason for the Season" and take time to enjoy your favourite Christmas traditions. With so many demands for your attention coming from every possible direction, be careful to guard YOUR Christmas. Plan special family times and make room for new holiday memories. Be creative and have fun. There will never be another "Christmas of 2008"!!

For some, this will be a sad Christmas - the first without that special someone. We cannot foresee the changes coming in 2009 - treasure ALL who will share this Christmas with you. Pray for those families who are mourning the loss of loved ones in 2008.

Jesus came to bring LIFE. The angels proclaimed, "Glad tidings of great joy!!" Don't allow yourself to get overloaded and stressed out. It's time to celebrate Jesus' birthday - get ready for the party!!

Selah Y

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Who can fathom the mysteries of Heaven? There is so much that God has planned for us that we are totally unaware of. He sees our circumstances from an entirely different point of view. We will never fully understand until we are with Him and He shows us the other side of them.

We see the black storm clouds, but God sees an opportunity to stretch and deepen our faith. Remember, we are never alone in the storm, because He has promised to be with us always – He will never forsake us. When we successfully persevere through our earthly trials, we are refining our character, developing inner strength, winning spiritual victories, and sometimes even gaining heavenly rewards.

Trust HIM in every circumstance – no matter what it is. Seek Him for direction and wisdom. He knows the path you should take. Stay above the waves and CELEBRATE His goodness in the midst of the storms. He is our God – He will see us through.

This is such an awesome photo. I see this little girl completely focused on her flowers. WE can SEE the waves, the black clouds, even the wind blowing against her. BUT behind her is the staircase - the access the heaven (and God). She is not focused on the storm. She knows she is safe. She is not isolated or forsaken, she can – at any moment - turn around and run into His arms. She is secure under HIS protection. (and so are we!!)

Selah Y