Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(Read the story & see more photos)


Jen said...

That is so precious, they look as much in love as a human mommy an baby!

Shari said...

Tender Moment!

Anonymous said...

Ahh how sweet.
I got to walk among giraffe's when I was in Africa.
Did you know that giraffe's mate for life?

Maureen said...

A mother is a mother is a mother.
These pictures are just Beautiful.
Cheryl you will have to write about your walk. I am imagining it.

Rhonda said...

That is adorable. And I love your blog template - I probably said that before. :)

Nana Cheryl said...

I really love this photo. Cheryl - that is awesome to have the opportunity to "walk with Giraffes"!!! They mate for life - maybe another opportunity to learn from God's creation.
Rhonda - I really like it too!! I don't change it very often - it has to be worth the effort!!
Hummm a blog entry on motherhood - maybe in the New Year. ;o)