Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bring the Rain

Are you ready for whatever comes your way? How will you respond?

Listen to the story behind the "Bring the Rain" song by Mercy Me.

God is still God no matter what our circumstances may be - they will change - our God will not. He is God and He LOVES us. Even so, we live in an imperfect and fallen world. Many times our lives will be touched by unpleasant events, maybe even horrific. What will our response be?

There will be hard times, as well as the good. In ALL circumstances, we turn TO God and not away from Him. We CAN (and must) praise Him through the storms of our lives. HE is the source of our strength. On our own, we will crumble. With HIM, we WILL stand AND overcome. He gives us VICTORY.

Where would we be without rain? We'd have a drought!! We NEED rain for GROWTH. Are you going through a dry season? Pray, "God, bring YOUR RAIN into my life!" Then wait and see what comes in your harvest season.

So do not fear, or avoid, or even deny, the difficult circumstances of life when they come. Stand and praise God through the "rainy days" as well as the sunshine.

Selah Y


Anonymous said...

Very good Cheryl.
Fantastic reminder.
You are right - they key is to keep running to God and asking Him for whatever we need.
Rain, Peace, Faith, Courage, Love, Wisdom... whatever it is I need... He has it all.

Shaun and Holly said...

Love both these videos. I want to put them up on my blog too, they are so great!

Thanks for sharing the message of HOPE Cheryl!