Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reality or Denial?

Dancing with Destiny: Quotes from Dreamers: “Facing the Dream Killers”

We Live in a Fantasy World

What if our lives turn out to be totally different from our dreams? Some people are so disappointed with the “now” that they live in a fantasy world.

Dreams are risky. What if it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would? You did everything “right” but here you are – FAR from living your dreams. Rather than face the reality of their disappointments, they live a façade. “Everything’s great!! Couldn’t be better!! I’m FINE!!” Don a smile and go with the flow.

Others live vicariously through somebody else’s life or dreams.
Parents can be guilty of this one. Circumstances prevented the fulfillment of their own dreams, so they project their ambitions and expectations on their children – pressuring them into areas we prefer them to pursue. We must be careful to allow our children to fulfill God’s plan for their lives, not our dream for their futures. Pray for wisdom as you guide them to make decisions for the directions they take.

Still others say, “If this is my destiny, then God made a really big mistake.”
Have you ever thought God made a mistake? Well, everyone knows that God doesn’t make mistakes, but surely, THIS is not what He planned for me!!! Because we cannot see the end, we judge situations on what we see today. It is never the full picture. Based on our limited perceptions, we make decisions to change the direction our path is going. However, God had a reason for us to travel this particular part of our journey. Within each trail/situation, there is a lesson to be learned or a character quality to be developed or perfected. When you resist, you slow down the process. I don’t want to hear that!! Not going there!! “I’m not listening!!”

Do you feel that way? It shows a crisis of trust in God! It means that you probably do not understand what you have been given, who you really are and how God sees you. If we grasped how much God genuinely loves us, if we could see ourselves through His eyes, our lives would be dramatically different. We would know who we are and what our purpose is. I can assure you that we would live very differently, love extravagantly and pray strategically.
WOW. Isn’t that the Truth!! We must fully grasp this and apply it to our lives. God LOVES us and has a plan for our good (Jeremiah 11:29). When you truly learn to live in this reality – fantasy land will look so ridiculous, you will wonder how it ever became an option.

What is around you? Who are the people with you? If things do not look the way you imagined they would be, then in your mind you have built a fantasy.

Denial of reality is not the answer. (DENIAL: Don’t Even kNow I Am Lying.) You are lying to yourself (and to others). At best, it delays facing the inevitable and at worst, it allows more sorrow and heartache than if you would have faced it up front.

It is a HUGE PIT with no hope for resolving the situation. Denial NEVER changes your situation. You can’t change reality with fantasy. Things do not change because you declare them to be something that they are not. Learn to live in reality and ask God for wisdom in all you are facing.

You are in process: What are you doing with the material God has given you to work with?
No one accomplishes everything at once. Dreams take time to fulfill. God’s plan for you will not be fully realized until you walk in ALL He has for you – accept ALL He has provided for you – embrace ALL He has laid before you. Reality is now. Don’t waste valuable time in fantasy land. Get out of the denial pit and start claiming your inheritance. Pursue your dreams and get ready to dance!!

Selah Y


Vicki said...

Wow! Such words of truth! Lord, help us to start living in reality and believing that You are big enough to handle it with us!

ruth at comfort cafe said...

Hi Cheryl,

I like what you're doing on your blog. Very neat. Good thoughts...

Nana Cheryl said...

Thanks Ruth. I'm reading your blog, too. :o)