Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's Your Excuse?

Dancing with Destiny: Quotes from Dreamers: “Facing the Dream Killers”

We Hide behind Excuses
An obvious dream killer is one that we might call a "nat­ural" hindrance, a problem that we face in life: "I can't speak….I'm not smart enough….I'm shy and lack people skills….I'm a single parent….I'm not a leader….I'm not talented enough….I'm too old…." Insert your own natural disability—your excuse—that you think keeps you from your dreams.

What are your excuses? Do you disqualify yourself before you even start? Are you measuring yourself by someone else’s expectations? Is the list on “auto play” – like a tape repeating over and over until you automatically respond with the same answers?

Our tendency is to look at these hindrances and say, "I would like to do such and such, but I have this problem," or, "The world values thus and so, and I'm not like that, so I guess I'm out." We look at these excuses and limitations and disqualify ourselves. God never does that. He says,

He puts the dreams in our hearts, and then He wants to take us on the journey to walk those dreams out. Remember, our dreamer God has bigger dreams for our lives than we do. Sometimes He has to ambush us to get us to our destinations as we travel through the seasons of our lives.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know without a doubt what God’s plan is for your life? What would you do? Would you write it down? Then what? He DOES have a plan for your life!! He WANTS to reveal it to you. ASK Him. It will bring you peace and hope. It will be an exact fit – tailor made just for you – prepared for you before you were born!!

God takes unlikely people and does supernatural things with them.

I have heard and read lots about Kathryn Kuhlman. I didn’t know that she was dyslexic. Yet God called her to speak to crowds of people and move in signs, wonders and miracles. That’s God – using what others consider foolish and confounding those who think themselves wise. Taking what we think is a handicap and showing what HE can do with her willingness to step out and into God’s dream for her. He LOVES to take the “throw-aways” and the “washed-up” and make them His heroes. They are hidden treasures just waiting to be released.

No, we will not all be called to do what Kathryn Kuhlman did. But why try to live her dream? God has something for you that only you can fulfill – your destiny – not a second-hand dream. Has He revealed it to you? Have you asked Him what it is? Is it bigger than you thought it would be?

Are you giving excuses like Moses did before the burning bush? Don’t look at the hindrances. Don’t disqualify yourself before you even begin. He knew what God was asking of him. God knew what HE could do. Moses had a huge destiny to fulfill. God had a plan to deliver His people. It was already pre-planned – Moses just had to obey and TRUST God to walk it out with him. Don’t try to fulfill it without God – but WITH GOD, watch what happens!!

So what are your excuses?

Selah Y


Jen said...

So many excuses over the years...I am so glad that God gets through to us and as we walk trusting and holding His hand....He helps us to see and overcome all of our excuses....our God of the impossible.

Amy said...

FYI--I believe celular is a scam.

Sometimes when I watch parents, I feel we begin the excuses so young... I've heard too many times "Be careful, you might not be able to do that.." And the parent has no idea what they are beginning. Doubt. Fear. Excuses.
I'm so thankful God can move mountains.

Nana Cheryl said...

The celular comment looks like a commercial site and since I am not promoting products or sales, I have deleted the comment.

Nana Cheryl said...

So true. It is a balance - encouragement to step out and yet being concious of real limitations. That's where God comes in. Another reason why it is so important to be following His lead and His plan for us. Encouraging someone to step out blindly can lead to discouragement or disaster.

I tried to encourage my boys to step out as I tried to build on their strengths where I saw them developing. But I was still cautious. Later I had to take back some of my cautions when God opened doors I never could of imagined would be opened for them.

If HE gives the dream, HE will walk us through the journey to fulfill it. <><

Roxanne said...

Excellent word.

Williams Family Blog said...

I need to get this book too. What a great post, I feel both encouraged and inspired to move forward.