Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shattered Dreams, Broken Pieces

Suddenly dreams are shattered.
Broken pieces smashed on the floor.
Tears lie in puddles,
Cries in the night go unheard.

What is there to hope for?
Where can relief be found?
Why is God not acting?
Despair overwhelms.

Everything is distorted,
Dark clouds hang overhead.
Numb the pain, silence the voices,
Your heart is shutting down.

Who is there to pick up the pieces?
How can they be restored?
The original is gone forever,
Abandoned and thrown away.

Jesus sees our broken pieces.
He restores shattered lives.
He creates beauty out of ashes,
Brings new life from destruction.

His Light shines into our darkness,
Hope ignites our heart.
Slowly pieces fall into place.
He makes something beautiful of your life.

Give your shattered dreams to Jesus.
Let Him rearrange the pieces.
Things tossed aside become precious.
He redeems the treasure inside.

Will you trust Him with your heart?
Will you allow Him to heal?
He is waiting to redeem it.
He is calling to you today.

Nothing is impossible for God to mend.
His plan for you still stands.
Your destiny cannot be stolen,

Selah Y
13 March 2008


Mommy B said...

Love the pics and the commentary. Our Lord is GREAT!

Mona said...

It's Maureen and I am finally up and running
Had a hard time adding you for some reason.
my blog is

I love your site it is so inspirational to me.
God is great and I love shattered Dreams and broken pieces.
It really helps me to move on in my life.
Thanks for those beautiful words.

Roxanne said...

I have discovered that as I have let go of broken dreams God has given me new dreams.

Holly said...

Beautiful Cheryl.

You have a gift...your writing and being able to find the PERFECT pictures to go along with the beautiful words! ;o)

Jen said...

I have been pondering these very thoughts of my own life lately....God is SO ABUNDANTLY ABLE...when we are willing to trust Him and Listen to His instructions.

Wonderful writing and photos Cheryl.

Vicki said...

Inspired and anointed. Thanks for sharing such words of Truth.

Rhonda said...

Wonderful words Cheryl!!

Shari said...

Cheryl this is so beautiful!! You are so talented in so many areas!!

Tammy said...

Great words, and so true. He can truly make something beautiful of our lives. That's what grace is all about.