Sunday, March 9, 2008

Don't Turn Back

Dancing with Destiny: Quotes from the Introduction

The Lord says to us, Your dreams are like cup of water, but My dreams for you are like the vastness of an ocean.
We cannot even imagine what God has planned for us. It truly is like comparing a glass of water to the ocean. We long for sip and He wants to submerge us!!

Has your life turned out totally different from the way you dreamed it would be? Have you grown weary because of shattered hopes, delayed answers and painful regrets? Perhaps you have gone through the routines of life and walked with God for a long time, but now you seem to have lost vision for your life. Once when you were young and vibrant in God, you had a cause to die for, but instead of dying for a cause, now you find yourself dying.
Look to the One who brings life and resurrection power to every situation.

Destiny is a progression of cycles and seasons. Destiny is like a giant tapestry. He has already dreamed about you. Your destiny is the divine journey that you are living right now. It may look different from what you imagined, but God, the masterful dream weaver, does not make mistakes with anyone’s life and destiny.
Remember HE is Master Dreamer. HIS plan for you is perfect!

You cannot go backward—you know too much. Where would you go anyway? There is a longing in you that can be satisfied only by God Himself. We can become disillusioned and settle for sitting on the beach and watching others ride the waves. If we wait forever to seek our dreams, we will never find them.

Jesus spoke to someone who was, in every respect, dead to his dreams. Delayed answers and shattered hopes had left him with no seeming possibility of fulfilling his destiny. Are you in that situation? Then listen to Jesus’ words: “Lazarus, come forth!”
The Lord is calling you to come forth, take off the grave clothes.

Will you start to dream again?


Anonymous said...

Its so true... we cannot go backward... and do we REALLY want to?
God always moves us unto greater things... moving forward in our destiny often means letting go of the the Old to embrace and be ready for the New. Its been part of life with God since the beginning of time.

Well written Cheryl

Jen said...

This is very good Cheryl...I think I will need to get this book. Are we selling it at the church?

Holly said...

I MUST have this book!! ;o)

Nana Cheryl said...

Yes I have 3 more copies of this book at the church book store.

I am marking all the quotes from the book in blue italics.

Did you read the other 3 new posts below?

Check back - more really good posts coming. :o)