Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dance of the Warrior

Dancing with Destiny: Quotes from the Forword by Dutch Sheets

The Greek word for “destiny,” proorizo, is filled with hope. The root, horizo, gives us our word ho­rizon; the prefix means “in advance.” God has planned a future for us, determining our horizons before we were ever born (see Psalm 139: 13-16). This does not mean everything that occurs in our lives is preplanned by God; He does not cause us to sin, fail or experience devastation just so He can give us a testimony. But it does mean He has a finish line in mind for us and a preordained way of recovery when forces try to derail us.

Two pieces of our destiny are worshiping and warring - our dance with destiny is “the dance of a warrior.” We are worshiping warriors, loving liberators. We are really freedom fighters on a mission of mercy. You will become a greater warrior—one of “God's Bravehearts.” You were made for war. He did not intend for you to sit by while others won the victor’s crown. God has made you more than a conqueror!

WOW. These quotes speak so much to me. It makes me want to jump to the end of the book!! Then I realized: Isn’t that what we often want to do? Skip the process and claim the reward!!

So often we want what others have, but we don’t consider how they got there. We are such a microwave-minded society. We want it and we want it NOW!! I like what John Maxwell said in one of his teaching tapes. A young man came up to him at a conference and said, “I want to have what you have and do what you do.” His answer to him was something like this: If you want to have what I have, are you willing to do what I did in order to have it?”

There is a process. We often want to just skip to the reward. Remember the children’s story of the little hen making bread and no one wanted to help her in all of the steps along the way to make the bread? BUT they all showed up at the end to help her eat it!!! So true.

God is not like some genie who wants to grant us three wishes and all our heart’s desires. He is more interested in the journey on the way to our destination. That’s our destiny. How we fulfill it becomes out testimony. I choose to walk it with Him – to accept His invitation to join Him in the Dance of my Destiny.

Worshiping Warriors, loving liberators, freedom fighters on a mission of mercy – becoming one of “God’s Bravehearts” – more than a conqueror!! Are you ready?
Selah Y


Holly said...

I love the movie Braveheart!

Magda said...

This is very good Cheryl! Often it is forgotten that anointing and authority come on the other side of brokenness.

Nana Cheryl said...

Our society spends so much energy to avoid pain or suffering - Brokenness is not understood. There is a cost, but the reward is more than worth it. Braveheart's authority came through his sacrifice. Too many want the anointing and authority without paying the price. God calls us to be His Warriors - we don't become overcomers sitting on the side lines. War veterns usually have scars - some visible and some only God knows about.

Worship brings the balance. We are strengthen for the battle by spending time in His presence where we partner with Him and follow His lead.