Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Creative Dreamers

Dancing with Destiny: Quotes from Dreamers: “Dream Killers ~ Opening”

Are you a dreamer? I don’t mean a “day-dreamer” who is lost in a fantasy world to escape reality. I am talking about “dreaming” of a bigger future – bigger than the limitations that you see around you today. Do you ever “dream” about what God might do through YOU? Read what Jill wrote at the beginning of this chapter.
Once we understand that we were born to be dream­ers, we face the realization of how small and limited our dreams really are. We become so locked into mind-sets, strongholds, disappointments and hurts that we do not dream anymore. Why can’t we dream? Why can’t we be creative? Actually, we can! We are creative by design. It is in our DNA; it is who we are. God created us to be creative.

As adults we think, I’m not an artist; I’m not creative. Unless we block it, creativity will flow from us—whether it is through problem solving, juggling family schedules, accounting or computer programming. We have believed the lie that we are not creative. And if we are not creative, then we have no heart for dreaming.

Wow. This quote jumped off the page. “Locked.” How many are walking around declaring that they are “free” when in fact, they are not walking in all that God has for them? Why not? What caused them to lay down their dreams? “We have believed the lie.” When you truly believe something is true, it affects everything you do. You will live accordingly.

God is so creative. This is even expressed in His names – He is the “Great Creator”!! He created heaven and earth and everything else. He created us to be creative, too. As children, we were encouraged to be creative, but some have laid it down – “Childish”, they say, “No time for such things.”

Have you “believed the lie” that you “are not creative”? Has it been shut down or squashed?
We must start with being willing to dream again. We must get past the lies that want to surface every time we try to move forward. We must deal once and for all with the negativity that has plagued us our entire lives. We need to say, “The dream killers are not going to stop me. I am not listening to those who say that it is impossible or that it will cost too much money or that I don’t have the talent to accomplish it. I am going to give it a try anyway.” We start moving, and we find that we have creative instinct after all.

Recently, I attended meetings where they prayed to release our creativity. It went deep. Creativity IS a natural outflow of being in God’s presence – how can we spend time with Him and not reflect His nature? Your creative expression may look different than mine, and that’s OK. We are to be creative in our own ways – as God created us be. He LIKES variety.

Got a new idea? Are you making something just a little different than someone else? That’s your creativity coming out. Feed it – it will grow!! Dream a little and then dream a lot. God loves when we dream big. He’s a big God – bigger than our universe. He is God!!

Are you willing to dream again? Have mind-sets limited your ability to dare to dream? Are you willing to unlock the strongholds built to keep you from fulfilling God’s destiny for you? Can you lay aside past disappointments and losses to make room for what God is waiting to reveal to you today? Will you allow Him to heal your wounded heart?

LIES have blocked our creative flow and limited our ability to dream. God’s Truth will set us free. HIS Light dispels all darkness. He is calling us to start dreaming again. Open your heart and hear what He is saying to you today. Then start dreaming…….

Selah Y


Jen said...

"Dream Killers", they really do have the ability to keep us from all that God has planned for us...when we give in to them.
I will be looking for this book for sure...it seems as heart changing as her Master Potter series.

Nana Cheryl said...

I have a couple of copies in the Church book store. It is a really good book. So much in each little section. I will be doing 12 posts from this "Dream Killers" chapter.