Monday, February 4, 2008

Dancing with Destiny

I very excited to be starting a new book called DANCING with DESTINY by Jill Austin. Check it out on her "Master Potter" web site. Be sure to watch the video promo. You can even read an excerpt from the book (Chapter 1). You can also read about it on Jill Austin's "My Space" web site, which looks quite intriging.

I have read two other books by Jill Austin: Master Potter & Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire and thoroughly enjoyed them. Check out other articles written by Jill Austin here.

I am looking forward to "Awaken MY Heart to Dream, to Love, & to War" as I journey through this book. I have been busy this past month with my online course, but I will try to make time to share some quotes and comment on the insights I discover along the way.

Selah Y