Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Angels

I collect Christmas Angels. These are just a couple of the angels hanging on my tree. Both were gifts to my collection. Each one is special. Each one has a story. (Don't we all??)

Some of my angels are beautiful collector pieces and others are homemade. I really like this little cloth angel. She is very simple and maybe that's what makes her special.

Jesus came - not born in the palace as a prince (though He was) - but born in a stable and laid in a manger. He came humbly and simply.Sometimes the most treasured gifts are the simple ones - made special because of the giver, not the gift itself.

In the frenzy of all the commercialism and "bigger & better" advertizing, remember the simple things - the "homemade" touches - that are special because of who they came from or who made them.

Treasured Christmas memories are often made in the simple things, which may be overlooked by some, but are made special by what is connected to them.

So whether it is giving a handmade item or some homebaked goodies, keep the simple traditions that can't be bought in the store or ordered online, but add that special touch as only you can to make Christmas personal.

Selah Y


Holly said...

I love the angel made out of the fabric.

Nana Cheryl said...

Maybe we can figure out how she is made. :o)

Holly said...


Check out this link to see directions to make an angel quite a bit like yours...

My Transcendent Heart... said...

Cheryl....I love you...I am so happy that I got to decorate your tree with you...I just know at least one of the pictures of the ornaments that are hung on the tree were hung by me....It makes your blog so much more special to me..hehe

God love you....

Bless you and Bless you again..