Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All Dressed Up

Three weeks until Christmas!! This month will be filled with Christmas Pageants, Christmas Concerts, and children bursting with excitement. Kids love to dress up and they will be have plenty of opportunities this month, whether it's in their school play or a Nativity presentation at their church. They love "pretend" times and we love to take pictures as we sigh, "Aren't they cute??"

How many remember being a shepherd or an angel? The chances of playing the role of Mary or Joseph or 1 of the 3 wisemen were slimmer. Any star performers? I love the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special (I never tire of watching it every year). In all of the Christmas chaos, he reminds us of the real message of Christmas - Jesus' birth. Whether you are reminiscing of past Christmas traditions, or planning to make brand new traditions this year, remember to weave in the Nativity story. Make it fun, make it fresh, make it your tradition.

Kids remember special occasions long into their adulthood. Many family traditions are duplicated as they celebrate future Christmases with their own children. Sadly, there are some who don't even want to celebrate Christmas because of "bad" memories of their past Christmas experiences. Let's change that for them and make new, happy Christmas memories.

Others dread December because it reminds them that their loved ones are no longer nearby to celebrate with them. Be sensitive to those around you. The angels proclaimed: "JOY to the world!!! And PEACE to all men." Pray that God's peace brings comfort to those who are grieving losses this Christmas season.

Selah Y

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Rhonda said...

I do love enjoy Christmas concerts at school and church. It's a wonderful opportunity to set time aside from the business and focus on family and Jesus.