Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember the Cost

James Robert Martin
(1894 – 1955)
My grandfather was a soldier in WWI. He joined the No. 10 Halifax Siege Battery and was shipped out to fight in France. He fought in the trenches and he endured being gassed. Thank God, he was not injured. He returned safely to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where he became a Halifax city policeman.

Many did not return. Many lost family members and close friends. The cost was great. WAR is not easy for any generation. Our veterans were willing to serve our country and to fight for the freedoms we now enjoy, but it came with a cost. It still does. War is not just something to remember on November 11th every year. That’s good, but we still have war.

Today’s wars may be more “advanced” and less brutal, but they still cost those involved – dearly!! It is so easy to turn on the news, see that latest report being broadcast, and turn the channel. Why bother watching it if you don’t have anyone over there? No personal connection to the reality facing many military families and their close friends.

Did you know that there are veterans today who are not from WWI or WWII or Korea?? The Gulf War is already more than 17 years ago (1991). The current conflicts in the Gulf and Afghanistan are ongoing. Soldiers are still dying today. Families are still watching every news cast, praying that their loved one will return home safely. They needs our prayers and our support.

Do you pray for our troops in the hotspots of today’s world?? Just because it has not been officially labeled as a “war” doesn’t mean that they are not in danger. Here’s my challenge: PRAY for those who serve in our military. PRAY daily for their families. REMEMBER them for their bravery and willingness to go. REMEMBER those who have fallen. PRAY for the families who have lost loved ones (recently or years ago). When you see a “Support Our Troops” sign – PRAY. It’s the best support we can give them.

Selah Y


Jen said...

Thanks for a great reminder Cheryl...Mark's brother in law lost his hearing in one ear in Afghanistan, we were all so very aware when another announcement was made that one of our soldiers didn't make it...could this ever be Donnie?
Although he is too young to have to suffer this hearing loss, he did come home and will not be in conflict again, which means for Mark and his family, the worries end.
So many other's, even today, this is not the case...yet these men and women go willingly to fight in a strange land....because it is the right thing to do, to stand up for another.
We must remember to pray regularly...we would if it were our own loved one over there.

Nana Cheryl said...

It is so true. We are more aware AND more committed to praying when we have a direct connection to the crisis.

When Wayne was in the first Gulf War, I watched EVERY newscast and hung onto every bit of information. The worst day was when an "Allied C-130" was shot down and they didn't say from which country! (It turned out to be American)

I thank God that he did not suffer as they did in WW1 & WW2, but no one comes back without being impacted. You can't have a "nice war" - there are always effects - many are permanent, sadly, some are fatal.

My direct connection right now is Roy in Afghanistan. I pray for him often.