Monday, November 12, 2007


How big is God's Love??
Is there enough to heal a wounded heart?
Can it be trusted to comfort and not abuse?

Others said they could be trusted – they lied.
Others said they would stay – they left.
Others said they loved you – they betrayed your trust.
They left scars that don't seem to end.

Can God be trusted??
How can you ever trust again?
He calls you “His Beloved” – What does that mean?
He says that He is Faithful – How long is that?
His Love is pure – How do you know the real thing?
How can you let yourself be used again?
Why take the risk?

"Open your heart," they say.
Easier said than done.
The walls and the locks were put in place long ago.
The vows of self-protection locked the doors.
Any cracks were sealed up tight.
"No one is ever going to hurt me again!!"

How can you open yourself up again?
WHY take the risk?
Isolation is easier.
Surface Relationships,
Masks, Diversions, "I'm fine,"
Easy conversations, Games ==> LONELINESS!!

Is it possible to love again?
Is it possible to ever FEEL loved?
God's Love HEALS the Broken-hearted.
He sees the pieces.
He knows how they fit.
Piece by piece He puts them together.
He CAN make it whole again.
EVERY part of your heart is valuable.
Don't throw away any pieces.

How did you get here?
Why is your heart broken?
Darkness crept in. Ugliness grew.
Hidden sin gave birth to a monster (Bondage).
Now he has you captive.
You are locked into the very thing
that was supposed to protect you.
Imprisoned in your own heart –
You are surrounded, but all alone.

Let God's Love in.
Open your heart to HIM.
Only HE can fulfil your deepest longings.
HIS Love IS big enough.
It is more than you will ever be able to contain.
Make Him your all in all.
No one else – No person, No Idol –
GOD Alone!
Depend on HIM.

Lay your heart at HIS feet.
He won't step on it.
He won't crush it.
He won't ignore it.
He will cherish it.

He loves you.
Open your heart and receive His Love.
Open your heart and let Him cleanse out the sin.
Open your heart and “Let God be God” in YOU.

How can you know the depths of His Love?
Ask Him to show YOU how much HE loves YOU.
He won't disappoint you.
HIS Love IS big enough.
Let HIS Love consume you.
Then the need in your heart WILL be satisfied.
THEN you will be secure.
Then you can rest in His arms –

Selah Y
13 Jan 2000


WebByte said...

Great post. Loved reading it.

Jen said...

Think I needed this reminder tonight...thank you,

Nana Cheryl said...

I wrote this over seven years ago but felt to post it on here. :o)

Holly said...

love it! Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

A great poem, very well written with great thoughts.

shorty said...

How great is His Love for us and your love for Him. It touched my heart nana. Thanks and God Bless Shorty