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How big is God's Love??
Is there enough to heal a wounded heart?
Can it be trusted to comfort and not abuse?

Others said they could be trusted – they lied.
Others said they would stay – they left.
Others said they loved you – they betrayed your trust.
They left scars that don't seem to end.

Can God be trusted??
How can you ever trust again?
He calls you “His Beloved” – What does that mean?
He says that He is Faithful – How long is that?
His Love is pure – How do you know the real thing?
How can you let yourself be used again?
Why take the risk?

"Open your heart," they say.
Easier said than done.
The walls and the locks were put in place long ago.
The vows of self-protection locked the doors.
Any cracks were sealed up tight.
"No one is ever going to hurt me again!!"

How can you open yourself up again?
WHY take the risk?
Isolation is easier.
Surface Relationships,
Masks, Diversions, "I'm fine,"
Easy conversations, Games ==> LONELINESS!!

Is it possible to love again?
Is it possible to ever FEEL loved?
God's Love HEALS the Broken-hearted.
He sees the pieces.
He knows how they fit.
Piece by piece He puts them together.
He CAN make it whole again.
EVERY part of your heart is valuable.
Don't throw away any pieces.

How did you get here?
Why is your heart broken?
Darkness crept in. Ugliness grew.
Hidden sin gave birth to a monster (Bondage).
Now he has you captive.
You are locked into the very thing
that was supposed to protect you.
Imprisoned in your own heart –
You are surrounded, but all alone.

Let God's Love in.
Open your heart to HIM.
Only HE can fulfil your deepest longings.
HIS Love IS big enough.
It is more than you will ever be able to contain.
Make Him your all in all.
No one else – No person, No Idol –
GOD Alone!
Depend on HIM.

Lay your heart at HIS feet.
He won't step on it.
He won't crush it.
He won't ignore it.
He will cherish it.

He loves you.
Open your heart and receive His Love.
Open your heart and let Him cleanse out the sin.
Open your heart and “Let God be God” in YOU.

How can you know the depths of His Love?
Ask Him to show YOU how much HE loves YOU.
He won't disappoint you.
HIS Love IS big enough.
Let HIS Love consume you.
Then the need in your heart WILL be satisfied.
THEN you will be secure.
Then you can rest in His arms –

Selah Y
13 Jan 2000

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Support Our Troops

Support Our Military whether they are Canadian or American.

Physically show your support by wearing something Red on Fridays or wear this "Red Friday" pin.

James Robert Martin

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Go Light Your World

A single candle – alone in the darkness – seems to be ineffective. What can a tiny flame do against the vastness of the darkness surrounding it? Surely it will be swallowed up and quenched.

"There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle." - Robert Alden

There is a profound truth in this quote. The darkness CANNOT put out the light – Light dispels the darkness – ALWAYS.

A single candle – alone – does not light a very big area. BUT when it lights another candle, and they stand together, the circle is larger. Light even more candles, and the circle widens. Soon it will light up the whole area.

What’s really cool is that: “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” (Arthur Unknown) The original candle continues to burn with the same intensity. NOTHING is lost. The flame can be transferred to the candle next to it or transported to a candle far from it – both will burn brightly.

TOGETHER they make a greater light – they are more effective – than the single candle all alone. WE are those candles. WE are the LIGHT to the world. WE need to SHINE.

Remember the little song we learned as children? “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it SHINE!!” Don’t hide it – SHINE!! Don’t let it be blown out – SHINE!! PUSH BACK THE DARKNESS & SHINE!!!!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - Martin Luther King, Jr






in darkness

Bringing LIFE!!

A light cannot “hide” in darkness. It WILL be noticed. It WILL stand out. It WILL influence the area around it. We are to SHINE. We are to reflect the Light in us – the Light of the world – to the world around US. Don’t hide your light – SHINE!!

“The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." Matthew 4:16 NIV
YOU are a Candle – where are YOU going to SHINE? Where are YOU going to spread the light that you have received? Where are YOU going to “PUSH BACK THE DARKNESS”? The darkness is all around. Ask God to show YOU where to hold your candle high and SHINE!!

Kathy Troccoli’s song (Go Light YOUR World) deeply impacted me a few years ago. I wrote to this song along with another song (Thrown Away) by Ray Boltz. It is posted on my “Heart Songs” blog. It challenges us to reach out and “Be a Candle” to SHINE His Light in us to those living in darkness.

You can’t stop being a candle. You CAN choose how and where you will shine. Don’t hide your light (HIS Light in you). Sharing it won’t diminish your light. PUSH back the Darkness. Let your light SHINE!!

Be a Candle - Go Light YOUR World

Selah Y