Friday, October 19, 2007

Slippery When Wet

Today was dreary and wet. It has been so dry this summer/fall and we desperately need the rain to replenish the water levels. And rain it did today – pouring down at times (and it is still raining tonight). This created a lot of water on the streets.

I knew about hydroplaning on wet highways, but today I experienced it – sort of. While stopped at a red light, I was hit from behind. When the driver hit his brakes, he skid into me while I was waiting for the light to turn. It jolted me forward and really startled me. At first, I thought it was my brakes that had failed, but then I realized what had happened.

Damage to my bumper is so slight that you really have to look hard to see the indent. But it really shook me – a very strange feeling. He was very nice and asked me twice if I was OK Then he gave me his phone number and I continued on my way.

Things can happen SO quickly. I am VERY THANKFUL as I watched the news tonight and saw a terrible head-on collision where someone else was not so fortunate. In a moment, everything can change. It is so ironic that I just posted the entry below on “Peace” this morning. If our peace depended solely on our circumstances of the day, we’d never maintain it.

I was shaken today – physically jolted – yet, my inner peace remains intact – focused on Him, knowing that I am in His care and under His protection.

Selah Y


Jen said...


I am SOOOO glad that your ministering angels were on duty!!!!

Bless you with an even greater abundance of peace!

Holly said...

I am so very thankful that God had his hand of protection on you.

Rhonda said...

Cheryl - I hope that you are doing well and not having any effects from the jolt.