Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall Colours

The Colours of Fall tell us that cooler days are ahead. I love the variety of our Canadian seasons. This fall has been very warm which has us spoiled. When the cold weather finally does come, it will be a shock.

In the meantime, the trees are changing slowly - almost as if they are dancing in slow motion. Maybe so we don't miss it this year. Maybe so we'll take the time to notice. Fall is such a busy season. It seems like everything starts up at once - each demanding our full attention.

This weekend I am going away to a Ladies Retreat and I am soooo looking forward to the time away. I want to walk in the woods and hear only the birds (no phones!). I want to enjoy the mass splashes of colours so intricately blended on the trees before the winds blow them to their winter resting places. I want to spend some quiet time - just me and God, enjoying His creation together.

Of course, I know there will be others there too!! It will also be a chance to spend time with other ladies without the many interruptions that creep in every day. It will be a time set aside to just be "us" - not having to wear the many "hats" that fill our lives - not having to fulfill the many "roles" of commitment in our busy schedules. For two days, we will just be women - seeking God and seeking to know ourselves and others better.

As the season changes again and transitions into winter (the harshest season), let's take the time to reflect on ALL that God has blessed us with, both physically and spiritually. I am setting aside this weekend to be refreshed and to refine my focus for this next season God is opening up to us. Stay close to HIM. Winter can be cold and barren, but it is also a time to draw close to the "Fire" and stay warm in His presence. He has made the preparations. Don't be too busy to be part of what He is doing.

Selah Y

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Roxanne said...

This is so well written Cheryl and an excellent reminder to all of us.