Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Butterfly Girl

This song was presented at our Ladies Retreat. I love it!! So many of us can relate to these lyrics.

We often just want to curl up and hide – too “full of fear & doubt & insecurity” to face to the day. But nothing just goes away. Problems remain, pain increases, and situations worsen. Hiding and isolating NEVER solves the issue at hand – only prolongs it and often intensifies it.

Many people have their own advice or “opinions” to “help us out.” Their words could comfort & soothe, bringing healing and relief. However, sometimes they are spoken rashly, not knowing the full picture, and are actually spoken in judgment or criticism. They can in fact, surround us like a web – trapping us inside, unable to break free of their pronouncements. Bound, we stay there. It is easier to give up and give in than to fight for our freedom. “They must be true,” we conclude. The veil settles over our heart and the walls close in tightly around us. Darkness seals the tomb. We are left with hardly room to breathe. Life is very limited.

There is a time to BREAK FREE!! It will be scary to step out into the unknown and the first steps will be shaky, but Jesus will be there to guide us. Break out of the dark cocoon of winter and follow the Light. Lingering in His warmth, we will regain our strength. When He releases us from our past life, we are transformed – no longer the same. Beautiful butterflies – no longer hiding – free to shine!! Then we spread our wings and FLY!! The world is a new place and our lives reveal our true colours – the hidden treasures now revealed in full splendor.

“Don’t you know that you’re a precious miracle”!! EVERY life transformed by God is a miracle – a testimony of His Amazing Grace and His Great Love for us. Our suffering IS then transformed into something wonderful!! Only HE can turn ALL things around for GOOD. The very places that bound us will be the areas of our strength. We will be able to testify to others how Jesus releases the captives from their prisons and set them free.

He is calling you out of your cocoon. Step out and spread your wings. Their colours reflect His creativity IN you. Throw off the veil of lies that has been holding you back. No more hiding, no more fear. It’s time to be released.

You ARE Beautiful,
Butterfly Girl!!

Selah Y


Holly said...

Great post and great word Cheryl...thanks!

Rhonda said...

Absolutely beautiful and I love the pictures!