Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer's End

Summer is quickly winding down. Lazy days and free time are drawing to a close. The evenings are cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn and fall. College/University students are preparing to begin a new semester and schools will be open for classes before we know it. This season is about to transition into the next. Time for reflection.
What is your answer to the question: "What did you do in the summer of 2007?" Have you accomplished your goals for this summer? Was it all you expected it to be? Did you take the time to enjoy the season? We are just over a week away from the Labour Day weekend, then we will be launched into the Fall schedule - ready or not!!
Take time to reflect before this season closes. There's still time to plan quiet days to enjoy God's creation in the beauty of summer, or a family get-away before the kids are back in school full time. Whatever you need to do - enjoy the final days of the "Summer of 2007"!!
Selah Y


Jen said...


I am sucking in every moment I can...even enjoying that the heat is back!

I am planning to do a beach day after school is back in, some weekend....just to drag out the beauty of summer.
Hope yours has been awesome.

Rhonda said...

Thanks Cheryl for the reminder.
It's amazing how we have four full seasons and we attach so much relevance to our summer. It always seems to take forever to get here and then slips away before we are ever ready for it to leave. If it was longer, would we perhaps not appreciate it as much as we do?

It is our season of rest. We are not planting or reaping. We are resting. We have to get the work done before we can stop to rest. And we need to have the rest before we can continue on into the next season.

Thank you God for summer. Our blessed time of Rest.

redeemed diva said...

To answer your question...I made a summer list of 80 whimsical things that I wanted to do and I accomplished 60 of them. Summer was full of memories