Friday, June 15, 2007


We had the honor of having the Watoto African Children's Choir at our church last night. They are all orphans from Uganda. They have been touring in Canada since January and will return to home in July. The Watoto Villages are raising these children to make a difference in their country of Uganda by preparing them to be future leaders. With God's help, they are turning tragedy into triumph.

Hear a sample of their concert:

Children of Watoto Choir:

I am NOT Forgotten:

We were so blessed to have some of them stay at our home last night. :o) God has not forgotten them and neither will we.

For more information, visit the Watoto web site.


dave said...

Just a heads up...

the last video you posted, with the interview, is NOT about Watoto.

It is about the African Children's Choir ( The African Children's Choir, who recently appeared on American Idol, is a completely separate choir and organization from Watoto Children's Choir.


Nana Cheryl said...

Thank you Dave!! I have removed it.

redeemed diva said...

Great music. Thanks for sharing