Thursday, May 31, 2007

Farewell Uncle Sterling

Sterling Clayton Publicover passed away very suddenly at his home in Nova Scotia on May 29, 2007 at the age of 77. Sterling is survived by his loving wife of 45 years; his daughter & her husband; 2 grandchildren; 3 sisters; and many nieces and nephews. Sterling was predeceased by his son; a sister; and 2 brothers-in-law. He was an active member of his church, where he served as a custodian for over 35 years. An autopsy revealed that he had cancer.

Uncle Sterling lived a full life and he enjoyed several trips in his retirement years, including one to Hawaii. Although he left us without warning, we are thankful that he did not have to suffer long months of painful treatments. He has touched our lives and he will not be forgotten. We have many, many happy memories and I can still hear his voice. Best of all, we know that he is now reunited with Craig (his son who was killed suddenly in a car accident at age 20).

We will miss you, Uncle Sterling. Have fun dancing before the King!

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Holly said...

Lovely tribute! Bless you all as you miss this dear man.