Thursday, May 31, 2007

Farewell Uncle Sterling

Sterling Clayton Publicover passed away very suddenly at his home in Nova Scotia on May 29, 2007 at the age of 77. Sterling is survived by his loving wife of 45 years; his daughter & her husband; 2 grandchildren; 3 sisters; and many nieces and nephews. Sterling was predeceased by his son; a sister; and 2 brothers-in-law. He was an active member of his church, where he served as a custodian for over 35 years. An autopsy revealed that he had cancer.

Uncle Sterling lived a full life and he enjoyed several trips in his retirement years, including one to Hawaii. Although he left us without warning, we are thankful that he did not have to suffer long months of painful treatments. He has touched our lives and he will not be forgotten. We have many, many happy memories and I can still hear his voice. Best of all, we know that he is now reunited with Craig (his son who was killed suddenly in a car accident at age 20).

We will miss you, Uncle Sterling. Have fun dancing before the King!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Farewell Aunt Emilie

Emilie Matilda (Boudreau) Gates passed away peacefully May 14, 2007 at the age of 84 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Emilie was a loving and caring wife, mother and grandmother and will be remembered for her homemade bread, rolls and mustard pickles. She and her husband traveled extensively with their camper throughout Canada and the United States.

She is survived by her husband; 2 sons & their wives; 4 grandchildren; a sister & a brother; a brother-in-law & his wife; a sister-in-law (my Mom); and several nieces and nephews. She will be sadly missed and we are praying for God's comfort to our family through this grieving time.

She was my French-Canadian aunt. I loved her thick French accent (which she never lost). She was proud of her French Acadian background and she was able to share her heritage by teaching French in her community’s Elementary School for several years (she was the only French person in that small community). She could trace her family history back to 1605 and she found out that one of her ancestors participated in the famous “Order of Good Cheer” by Samuel Champlain. They were among the very first settlers of New France (Acadia) at the Port Royale Habitation. Her family later settled in northern New Brunswick.

I bought this little angel for Aunt Emilie three years ago during the 400th anniversary of the founding of Acadia. It was very special to her. The angel is holding the Acadian flag. A few years ago, I heard a prophetic word about Canada and how the French are our “elder sister” because they were part of our “Canadian family” before us. This little angel is a reminder to me of the Acadian people and to honor them and their part in developing God’s plan for our country of Canada.

On a personal note, I am originally from Nova Scotia and some of my ancestors were given livestock from the nearby Acadian farms when they were being expelled in 1756. Although we did not have a part in the expulsion, the Acadians had a direct connection to my family’s history (and a part in their survival). Some of my ancestors were French Hugenouts. I often wondered how they felt as the Acadians were sent away. They had escaped religious persecution in France and settled in NS with a commitment to be loyal to the British crown and a promise of freedom to worship God. Just a couple years later, they were witnessing others being sent away simply because of their ethnic origin (the same country of origin as theirs).

God wants us to live together - in harmony. He created each of us uniquely - beautifully. He loves variety (just look at how many different flowers there are!!!) One race/culture is not above another. Jesus died for ALL. History records many things that were done "in the name of God" that were not honorable. Let's not repeat their mistakes. We must honor each other in love. Celebrate God's plan to bring so many people uniquely together. He has a divine plan for Canada which WILL be fulfilled. Let's learn from each other and all do our part in His purpose for bringing us here.

Farewell Aunt Emilie. I will miss you. Y

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Prayer Warrior

Are you a "Prayer Warrior"? What does that mean? What is your definition? Sometimes we just like to use the latest catch phrase.

Prayer Warrior!! "Hey, that sounds cool - sure - where do I sign up?" Warrior implies someone who is involved in a war. Are you ready for the coming battle? It is coming whether you are ready for it or not.

We are told to "Pray continually" (1 Thessalonians 5:17) That means to be in constant communication with God - like on a conference call. Don't break the connection. Don't "hang up" on Him!!! Ask God for guidance and He WILL show you what to do. In a real war situation, you would not think of doing anything without receiving new orders from your commander. You must hold your ground until your orders change. You would never just do what you thought should be the next move. God is the One who is in control, not us. We follow His commands. We submit our requests to Him.

If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You'll get his help, and won't be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. People who "worry their prayers" are like wind-whipped waves. Don't think you're going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open. (James 1:5-8)

God has 3 answers to our requests: "Yes", "No" and "WAIT". We are not to have plan B ready in case we don't like God's answer!! (We hate to wait!!) We are to believe in faith and then leave it with Him. He will not change His answer because of our pleading for Him to see it our way. God can not be manipulated or pushed into a corner to answer as we would like. And don't promise that God will do something unless you have heard directly from Him that He will do it that way. God WILL stand behind His word and His answer. Let's stand with Him to carry out HIS Plan, not to fulfill our own desires in a situation.

Pray with Simplicity: "And when you come before God, don't turn that into a theatrical production either. All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, hoping for stardom! Do you think God sits in a box seat?

"Here's what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won't be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace.

"The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They're full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God. Don't fall for that nonsense. This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need. With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply.
(Matthew 6:5-8)

Seek God for HIS answer. When we seek His heart in a matter, we will begin to understand why He answers as He does. We learn to recognize His consistant characteristics and how to identify when something is out of character for God. We get to know Him through prayer and spending time with Him.

"Warriors" learn more about one another when they are fighting together in real battle situations (not just in training for them). They learn to fight as a team and they will form a tighter bond through the difficult times. They learn to trust their leader as well as one another. As we "battle" with and for God, we will develop a closer bond with Him - we will know Him more intimately.

God does want us to become Prayer Warriors for Him. Are you ready? He is looking for those who are willing to make a commitment to Him. Be sure you know what you are signing up for, but also be assured that it is God who will prepare you for every assignment He gives you. You won't fight alone, but only you can "volunteer" to be one of His Prayer Warriors.

Selah Y

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Consumed by God

I was brouwsing through some prophetic art and I found this awesome picture by David Costello. It was inspired by the song Sapphire Sea (on my new CD that I bought from Faytene's table at the conference). Being highly visual, this portrays so much!! During worship, we receive from God - Lord, let the "River of God" spill over me and consume me.

Here are some excerpts from Sapphire Sea
(from the CD: Temple Dance by JoAnn McFatter)

Sapphire Sea, spilling over me
O let me know holy ecstasy, holy ecstasy
Lapping waves of fire, answer my desire
Fill me with the knowledge of my God,
The knowledge of my God

I long to lay before the Throne,
To hear the sounds I’ve never known.
Sound of wings like the voice of great waters.
Cries, yes, even the song of the martyrs as they cry out,
“Worthy, Worthy, Worthy is this One to break the seal”

River of God that knows no bounds
Twenty-four elders as they cast their crowns
Open our eyes so we can see
I wanna know, I wanna know

The secrets and the mysteries
Hidden in Your waves,
Hidden in Your water,
Hidden in Your fire,
O come spill over me

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Believe God and Watch What Happens

"When God is involved, anything can happen.
Be open and stay that way.
God has a beautiful way of bringing good vibrations
out of broken chords." ~ Chuck Swindoll~
My church, Desert Stream, has just hosted our “NO LIMITS” Prophetic Conference. Ephesians 3:20 was our theme verse. It flows right along with this week’s quote. (isn't it just like God to do this!!!)

We often put limits on God – what He can do, what we will allow Him to do in our lives – He wants to do SO MUCH MORE – more than we know of or know to ask Him for!! With God ALL things are possible – only believe. Our faith is so key to God moving. We really do need to keep our hearts (and minds!) open to what HE is doing and what He wants to do. Many times in scripture, Jesus could not do more “because of their unbelief.”

Lord, we want You to do ALL that You have planned for us – HELP OUR UNBELIEF!!

When we are hurt, offended, rejected, disappointed, etc., we tend to shut down or close our hearts. God wants to heal our broken places – our wounded hearts. It is out of our brokenness (our weaknesses) that HIS power is made perfect, giving us the strength we need (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). He heals our hearts (as well as our minds and emotions); restores us to wholeness; and then sends us out, carrying His comfort to others.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. If we are distressed, it is for your comfort and salvation; if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we suffer. And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.
2 Corinthians 1:3-7

He gives us "beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness or despair." (Isaiah 61:3) He gives us a new song in our hearts and with our lips, we give thanksgiving and praise to our God and King! He LOVES to use the broken and castaways – He restores them and their testimonies are music to HIS ears.

So get ready!! Allow God to heal your broken places. Then allow Him to use you as the instrument to bring His healing to others who are broken and surrounded by hopelessness. Let God be God and watch what He will do. It WILL be far above what you thought could be done.

Selah Y
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Amazing Grace Movie

At last I can go see it!! I have been soooo disappointed that the "Amazing Grace" movie did not come to our theater. UCB Christian radio station contacted the Empire Theater and they have brought it in. It will play at 7:30 pm nightly on Monday, May 7 - Friday, May 11 & Monday, May 14 - Tuesday, May 15. We plan to go see it Thursday night (the first free night we have this week!!)

The newest version of the Amazing Grace hymn is "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)" by Chris Tomlin, in which he used the original lyrics written by John Newton not in our modern day version.

God is Amazing!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007



Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20 (NKJV)

We have just finished an awesome conference!! God is so GOOD - ALL THE TIME!!
It was a VERY busy time for me and I am off for "R&R" (Rest and Reflection!!). I want to listen to the sessions again on CD to process all that God has spoken this weekend. More to come later!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Snail Perseverance

"By perseverance
the snail reached the ark."
~ Charles Spurgeon ~

Have you ever been given a task that seemed so huge and overwhelming that you wanted to quit before you began? You ask yourself, “How will I ever be able to accomplish it? Is it even worth the effort needed to succeed?”

The lowly snail is not known for her great speed (are there fast and slow snails?) Still, she had been invited to make the journey to the Ark. In order to arrive “on time,” she needed to prepare and then allow herself enough time to make the trip. Some may have criticized her decision to even go (who is this Noah fellow anyway?), while others thought she would never complete the trip. But she DID go and she DID arrive in time. How do we know? Because she is here – she survived the flood.

We don’t know how far the snail or any of the animals traveled, or what perils they encountered to hinder them along the way. Her only surviving testimony is: “I answered the call and I persevered until I reached the ark.”

Isn’t it the same for us today? God gives us a task that may look impossible to accomplish. We are to persevere until it is accomplished – sometimes inch by inch. Perseverance means to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning. Hindrances do come and our faithfulness to the task will be tried. Pure determination and persistence are not always enough. As God strengthens and empowers us, and we persevere on the path He has laid out before us, we WILL succeed. If we give up and quit, we will never reach the goal.

How many would hail the little snail as a hero or a role model? Not many. She is not often in the spotlight, except to emphasize how slow she is. She may not be the “fastest” or the “most popular,” but yet she will get there because she doesn’t give up. Anything placed in her path, she will climb over or around it. God doesn’t ask us to "be the best,” He is only looking for our obedience and faithfulness.

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengths me.” Philippians 4:13

Not there yet? Keep going. Haven’t received an answer yet? Keep asking. Feel like you can’t go another step? Ask God for the strength to persevere and hold to the course. You are not alone; He is with you on your journey. He knows how much farther and what you need to get there. Trust Him and don’t miss the boat!!

Selah Y

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