Wednesday, April 4, 2007


One of the benefits of joining our "Blogging Circle" has been discovering other Christian Blogs. Victoria Gaines is an author I have enjoyed reading. Today's post on one of her sites goes along with our theme:

Within her post was this quote by A.W. Tozer: "Was it not Voltaire who said that some people were like insects, they would never be noticed except that they sting? A traveler must make up his mind to go on regardless of the insects that make his trip miserable.... One thing is certain, a Christian's standing before God does not depend upon his standing before men. A high reputation does not make a man dearer to God, nor does the tongue of the slanderer influence God's attitude toward His people in any way. He knows us each one, and we stand or fall in the light of His perfect knowledge."
As we continue our journey to "watch what we say," isn't it interesting how we are becoming more aware of what others are saying too? It's like being fine tuned. Criticism can be like a sting to the heart - a wound, not harsh enough to be life threatening, but piercing and annoying. (Ever tried to sleep in the room with a mosquito? Then suffer the consequence of contact - itching all night!!)

Look at the word "Criticism" - do you see the word critic staring back at you? WOW. Interesting how it is hidden in there. Don't even hear it when we say the word. Do we have the right to be the critic in someone else's life? I think that is God's position to "judge" their hearts and actions. After all, HE truly is the only One who is really able to make that "judgement" perfectly, not us with our limited perspective (and limited mercy!).

There are sooo many scriptures warning us against judging others. I like Tozer's last line: He knows us each one, and we stand or fall in the light of HIS PERFECT knowledge. Thank God we can stand secure in Him - the One who KNOWS our heart inside and out - the Lover of our soul!!

Lord, guard us against judgements. Help us to see others as YOU see them. Let Your mercy flow through us.

Selah Y
(at the end of Day 3)


Anonymous said...

Cheryl- You are the resource woman of all resource women!!
You always find the right information to lead us to higher places with Christ.
I thank God for this gift in you. I am always challenged by what you post.
Thanks for "egging" me on!!! (lol! Kinda funny, being Easter and all!)

Anonymous said...

260 Days until Christmas???!!!!
Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl!!!!!!
You silly woman!!

Everyone in Ontario is trying to forget winter!!

You always have something new that makes me laugh!
I always enjoyed chatting and laughing with you when we worked together!

MarlaQuack said...

Nice blog, glad I stumbled on it.