Thursday, March 29, 2007

Twice today - no, Three Times

Well I only had to move my bracelet twice today. Once before going to work, and once watching a debate on TV tonight. Crazy politics - cutting each other down with their rude comments - I made a comment about their complaining. Then looked at Wayne and said, "I just complained, didn't I?" It got to me. :o(

I am using one of my charm bracelets for now. It has a charm that says "Words Touch the Heart" so I thought it is appropriate until I can find something better. :o)

As I am reading this over, I just realized that I have complained about them again!!! Oh well, onto the other wrist. Tomorrow I'll start again.


Holly said...

Great job Cheryl!
I guess maybe I am putting this need to get a bracelet! I will be joining you soon.
Happy Friday to you and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Its alot harder than it seems huh?
I'm still on day one too, but each day, it is less complaining, so I am encouraged.

Tomorrow is another day!