Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Set a Guard

The beginning of another 21 Day Challenge!!
This one is called "Watch Your Mouth"

The Power of Words has always been one of my favourite classes. Actually, it was the first class I taught at NLGH. Of course, I have revised it many times since then!!

I am following along with Cheryl at:
The inspiration is from Oprah and these sites:

The goal is to be "complaint free" - following the commandment: "Thou shalt not Whine!!" We will wear a bracelet and if we allow a complaint to slip out, we must switch it to our other wrist.

I have picked this verse (Psalm 141:3) because that's exactly what we must do - guard our mouth and watch out to not let our lips slip. It is so easy to pass off complaining as OK. It's not. Paul calls us to be content in all circumstances because frustration leads us to speak out things that we shouldn't, which then can lead us to sin. We must cut it off - disciplining our words to line up with what is pleasing to God.

Of course, we cannot really put a padlock on our lips. It is up to us to choose our words before we speak. Be careful not to be pulled in by others' negative conversations and WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!

Selah Y


Anonymous said...

Cool Eye Candy again Cheryl!!!!!

Thanks for joining me, I'll need support for this biggie!!

Rhonda said...

You speak truth!! It can be so difficult when we hear complaining to not complain back.

I love the picture!!!! I need one of those for my thoughts too.