Friday, March 9, 2007

Day 8

A good day. Busy, but not overwhelming. I got a lot accomplished. I did keep my goal by not adding another event to my schedule. Yes, I had to say, "No, I cannot attend." I was commended for having good boundaries. I did our taxes tonight instead. Another job complete. :o) Tying up loose ends is a good thing.

I am keeping the second goal by making an entry even though it is late. I found this picture today and I really liked it. It is still cold here and we have some snow (not as much as Barrie!!!), but spring is coming soon.
Selah Y


Holly said...

Love that picture! Were you really writing at 12:57???? You are a night hawk! I am sooooo looking forward to SPRING!

Shari said...


I love this picture - wow!!