Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Day 6 - God's Pace

I heard a quote on UBC on the way home from work today. (Hope I get it right)

"God does not accelerate to our pace - we need to slow down and get into step with Him."

In the wilderness, God provided direction with a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. When the pillar or cloud moved, they had to follow (or be left behind). It means "paying attention" to what God is saying/doing RIGHT NOW. There is no "pause button" until it is convienient to listen to what He is saying, or negotiating for better conditions or alternate instructions.

We need to be tuned in to what God is telling us. Submitting to Him requires obedience and action - doing things His way and in His timing. Doing "the right thing" at the wrong time won't have the same effect. Doing nothing doesn't accomplish what we were asked to do. Doing something "good" doesn't mean God initiated it nor will He necessarily bless it.

Laying aside busyness has to be partnered with walking in step with Him. Only then can we be doing what He has called us to do - following His guidance and His plan for us. He knows the itinerary we need to follow - keeping it will keep us in His perfect timing. Even God rested from His busyness of Creation. :o)

I did well with priorities today. It was very hectic at times, but I stayed on task. :o)

For my second goal, I am writing my entry earlier tonight. Probably partly because I got my topic on the way home from work. It feels good to be writing again. :o)

Selah Y


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are writing again! You have alot of good things to say.
I look forward to reading them all.


Tamatha said...

ok...I done reading your blog for today....I already feel convicted!lol:o)