Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 20 - First Day of Spring

The first day of Spring.
My favourite season. The sunshine is warmer, the snow melts away (hooray!!!), the grass turns green, the colours of new flowers popping up, and best of all, the butterflies will soon be back. :o)

I love this picture. Can you feel it? The warmth of the sunshine - the quiet gentleness of the young girl as she welcomes the butterfly - the peace of just sitting and enjoying the wonder of God's creation. No rush, no stress. Taking the time to reflect on God's goodness.

I love butterflies - they mean so many things to me. They are symbols of New Life (the caterpiller "dies" to its old life), Transformation (it doesn't look anything like the caterpiller did), Redemption (it breaks out of its cocoon "tomb"), Freedom (no limits - free to soar - wings to lift it above its former life), Beauty (so many brilliant colours and shapes), Delicacy (very intricate - easily crushed - vulnerable - handle with care), and Gentleness (it flutters in gracefully - not destructive or aggressive - very calming and peaceful).

As spring comes into full bloom, take time to enjoy God's creation. Take time to "stop and smell the roses." He paints the morning and evening skies - stop and take note of their beauty. Spring brings new life and new expectations. Don't be too busy to notice. Thank Him for each day of this new season and for what He is about to release next.

Selah Y


Holly said...

I love Spring too. Near the end of the winter I begin to eagerly wait for it and when it finially comes...it is such joy! I also love walking in the Spring. I love feeling the warm sun with out the humidity that Summer can bring. I love racking away the old leaves on my garden and seeing new growth underneath. There is nothing like Spring flowers. This will be my 1st Spring in our new home!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl. I will.

I think I'll go to my favorite garden centre and take some photos and enjoy all the flowers.

Tamatha said...

At last...I am at your blog...I wonder how long it will take me to read thru your archives!lol
I spent most of the day not even knowing that it was the first day of spring...and now that I know it...I want to go for a walk!
See...in winter I go into hibernation mode and my dog puts on weight cause I don't do as much. Usually I do too...but thankfully I have stayed pretty much the same. Likely cause of working at Sears...lifting all those boxes!
I look forward to reading your thoughts!:o)