Saturday, March 3, 2007

Day 2 - My Goals

Well I think I have my 2 goals: Reduce my "busyness" and renew my writing.

Getting started:
1. Busyness - clear the clutter
2. Restore writing - write something every day

My ladies group topic for this week was putting off Busyness for Rest. I have been way too busy for months and I am now in the process of "clearing my plate" where I am overloaded. One of the points in the lesson that stood out to me was an article I found by John Maxwell called "Clearing the Clutter." This includes Calendar clutter - you know - when the list of everything you have to do doesn't fit in the little calendar square. How many vote for an 8 (or even 9) day week? We think it would allow us to have more time to "get it all done", but would we really have more time? Or just fill it with more things to do? I would do the latter.

God knew what He was doing when He made the week 7 days. His plan was for us to work 6 days and REST on the seventh. He made a day 24 hours and that we have to REST for a full third of EACH day. Our bodies work better and our emotional well being will be better as well - able to handle the requirements of the day.

When we are overloaded, we can't keep these guidelines, so we reduce them - just a little - to make it all fit. It works for awhile, but soon it is overflowing the boundaries again. Then we reduce it a little more. Soon it becomes "the norm" and every day is overloaded. That's where Prioirities come in. That's where I am at right now. What can I do today and what has to wait for another day? The "wait list" is getting longer and longer. :o(

My good friend and mentor once told me this when I was overloaded and frustrated and I have never forgotten it. "Ask yourself: 1. What has God called you to? and 2. Are you doing it?" I know what God has called me to and I know what my giftings are.

We had a wonderful missionary lady stay with us last weekend. She made a statement that has stuck with me. "If you aren't doing what God has called you to do, you will not be satisfied with what you are doing." Even if what you are doing is good, it is not what God has designed for you to do. You will feel like something is missing - because it is!!!

Another quote from my lesson: "We need to be doing His business, not our busyness." What is wood, hay and stubble and what is done for HIS Kingdom that will last? That will determine what our prioirity should be.

So how am I applying this to clearing my current calendar clutter? We are away for the weekend to visit with friends (who we haven't visited since June!!!!) and "forcing myself' to relax and not work. This is a desperately needed break. I NEED the rest.

#2 is starting to be fulfilled by joining this blog. It will require me to "write" every day for 21 days. This will "create the habit" of writing my thoughts out again. My hope (and prayer) is then to re-release the anointing in writing as well that has become dormant - not because God doesn't have anything to speak to me or through me, but because I haven't made time for it. I know from before that when I set the time apart and I begin to write what I am feeling Him saying, it just flows out. God help me to rekindle this gift that I have allowed to subside.

That's it for tonight. I can't get on the internet so I will post it later. Thankfully I brought my laptop with me, not to work, but to keep my commitment to doing this for the 21 days - no matter where I am. :o)

Selah Y
(which means - pause and think about it!!)

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Tamatha said...

I sure hope that you keep on writing still even though the 21 days is up!:o)