Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day 15 - Ride the Wave

BUSY does not begin to describe my day today. The photocopier is jammed and out of commission, but the Bulletin still had to be printed today. I had to juggle between the Mac & PC computers, change Quark files to pdf so the PC could read and print them on the old laser printer, piece them together and then print them on the old photocopier in the pit (which is very poor quality). I accomplished this all in time for Mary to fold.

THEN I had to finish preparing the brochure for our conference mail out with the same frustrating process (after confirming the schedule at 4:00). I finally got it finished and started printing them on the old printer (very slow). Bless Mary - she stayed with me until 7:10 when the printer finally overheated and shut down.

In the end, the Bulletin is finished and I will finish printing the brochures tomorrow for the Bulletin and the REGNR8 service tomorrow night. The mail out should go out tomorrow as well.

There was no way to "NOT be busy" today. It's not a failed goal - it's accomplishment in spite of all the hindrances and distractions. Some days are like that. You have to ride the wave or be washed overboard. I choose to stay on top.

God promises to give us what we need for EACH day. He remains Faithful. Always. Sometimes we don't recognize His provision, but look closer, you may have overlooked it because it didn't come in the form you expected. Seek it out. It will be there. If you can't find it, ask Him. He's waiting to answer your cry in your time of need.

Selah Y

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Anonymous said...

Arggh!!!!!!!! You've had alot of history with that photocopier.

Way to go for persevering and seeing God in the midst of it. You are very resourceful and patient Cheryl.