Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day 12 - God's Timing

Have you ever felt that things were going at a snail's pace? We are often impatient with how God is moving in our lives. We have our own ideas of how things should go and what time frame should be involved. However, God's timing is perfect (even when we can't see how that can be true). Thank God He slows us down.

We live in a "microwave" society. Everything should be ready in 5 minutes. Do you remember before the microwave? Where did we ever get the time to prepare meals?? We had to take the time.

There are no shortcuts with God. He is interested in the journey, not just if we arrive at the destination. It is in the journey that He develops our character (and our patience). That's where we learn to recognize His voice, trust Him heart, and obey His directions - even when we don't understand why. It makes an imprint on our heart that will never be erased. His change in us is not temporary - we can make it permanent with His help, if we let Him do all that He wants to do in our lives.

21 Days to Reformation!!! or is it really just 21 steps in our journey to being more like Him, conforming to His image, walking closer to His heart, surrendering to His plan for our lives, fulfilling His destiny for our future.

Selah Y


Holly said...

I love this...."21 STEPS in our journey..."!!!! So true. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Cheryl,

You are such an awesome writer, and you always have great eye candy!!!!

Rhonda said...

Cheryl, your site is looking awesome. Great job!!!