Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day 10 - Truth

Truth. What is truth? Who defines what is true? When truth is based only on what is seen, it becomes dependant on the interpretation of the one who is relaying those facts/events. It can only be related to what is already understood. (very limited) When some of the facts are missing, it is like having a few pieces of a puzzle and saying you know what the whole picture looks like. The missing pieces have to be "filled in" to make it whole. Sometimes the "added pieces" are made to fit so that they will confirm the believed result. (If this is true....then this must be true) What if a new piece turns up that doesn't fit that picture? What is done with it? It will either be dismissed as "false" or the whole picture must be re-evaluated. Sadly, some will hold onto the "original picture" even when there is proof otherwise.

God's Truth is always true. You can count on it. No matter what the circumstances. There will never be an amendment to what HE says is true. Change may be necessary on OUR part when we find out that our interpretation was not based on the whole picture, but only on our understanding of the portion we saw. We must remain teachable and open to what God wants to show us. Seek HIM and His guidance every step of the way.

His Truth will prevail!!
Selah. Y

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