Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Season

Streams and rivers are melting, flowing cool and clear and fresh. The memories of ice and snow steadily growing dim, replaced by new life emerging, bringing color to dreary days. Birds chattering incessantly as they welcome the sunshine, warmer every day. Tiny flowers peeping up out of the cold, wet earth after laying dormant through their long winter slumber.

God's creation is awakening to the call of a new season, responding by reaching upwards toward the Source of all life. There is an energy that seems to rejuvenate us with each new day, as if we are recharging some inner battery. He is calling for us to shake off the weariness of our winter season and burst forth into this springtime, expecting to see Him at work in our lives.

Ice symbolizes hardness and rigid inflexibility. Winter's cold relates to harshness, restricted movement, and being contstrained from flowing freely.

Springtime releases a freedom to flow again, slowly melting and softening the frozen areas - renewing our strength - being revitalized and prepared to more forward. As this freedom emerges, let God surge through you first, and then pour it out to others. Be a stream bringing new life where winter's bitterness has withered and crushed, and brought hopelessness.

Spring is the season of resurrection power. Allow Him to bring forth those things that have been hidden and stored away for this time. Let Him release them to bring life and hope and healing as He refreshes His creation. Springtime is a time for renewal. Get ready to say, "Spring has sprung!" and watch it spring forth as His accomplishes His purposes for this season.

Selah Y

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Shari said...

I'm ready - renew me Lord - renew your church....Life and life more abundant!! Amen.